Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Q4 Dividend Total

Q4 continued the trend of 8 quarters of continued dividend growth for me.  During the last 3 months, I had 4 stocks increase their dividend (noted by white cell).  My 2011 Q4 dividend total was $122.05, so as you can see the $393.51 collected last quarter was quite a jump.  New capital and the corresponding stock purchases and dripped returns all played a part in the increased rate of dividend return.  Looking forward to seeing what the Q1 total will look like.

1/14/2013 Weekly Options


Here are my weekly option trades for this week:


BAC calls:
With BAC price dropping last week, the $12 calls expired worthless so that is money kept.  I am still very bullish on BAC, so any dip in capital is not too concerning for me.  The biggest decision to be made tomorrow is to resell these at $12 or go for a $11.50 call to colllect more profit for the week.  Will have to see how the market opens tomorrow and decide.

F puts:
F made it interesting on Friday, hovering at $14, but in the end these expired worthless as well, so profit taken.  I'm also very bullish long term on F, so even if assigned I wouldn't have been concerned.

BAC puts:
Took somewhat of a gamble and were assigned these.  I will definitely sell $11.50 weekly calls on these tomorrow.  Entry price point for these 500 shares is $11.31.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1/7/2013 Weekly Options Trades

Going to start sharing the weekly options I'm doing as well.  I have set up all my dividend accounts with margin and use that margin money to try and drive weekly, passive income, without having to touch my dividend "base" stocks.  As you will see, these are still well known stocks, some have dividends, others do not.

 So this week so far, I've brought in $793 in passive income.

Results:  AA expired worthless, although capital dropped, will resell $9.50 calls or sell stock and move to a new position, cost basis is sub $8.50 from prior call expiration's on this one.

BAC - took a gamble on this 12.50 put, the stock dropped capital as well, I will be assigned stock at $12.11 on Monday. I will most likely sell $12 weekly calls and only take out the differnce of the premimium.  Ie if I can get .16 cents for the call, will only take out .05/share to get the costs basis down to $12 in case BAC raises to $12 by end of week and I'm forced to sell.

Ford puts expired worthless, so money in the bank.