Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1/14/2013 Weekly Options


Here are my weekly option trades for this week:


BAC calls:
With BAC price dropping last week, the $12 calls expired worthless so that is money kept.  I am still very bullish on BAC, so any dip in capital is not too concerning for me.  The biggest decision to be made tomorrow is to resell these at $12 or go for a $11.50 call to colllect more profit for the week.  Will have to see how the market opens tomorrow and decide.

F puts:
F made it interesting on Friday, hovering at $14, but in the end these expired worthless as well, so profit taken.  I'm also very bullish long term on F, so even if assigned I wouldn't have been concerned.

BAC puts:
Took somewhat of a gamble and were assigned these.  I will definitely sell $11.50 weekly calls on these tomorrow.  Entry price point for these 500 shares is $11.31.

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