Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jan 2014

Well, a little late, but better than never.

January definetly proved to be an interesting month, with the market dipping 5-7%, a lot of the options premiums became less appealing as my buy in prices and the actual stock prices seemed to be continually be moving apart, ha.  At any rate, just pushed some options out a little longer than I typically do to collect at least some premiums, and put those earnings back into my accounts, is essence doubling down a little and lowering some cost basis on stocks I like (VZ and F).

So Jan didn't end up to be the hot start I was hoping for, but Feb is looking to be better (half a month in now since I'm late on this post), the market is going back up and both VZ and F pay dividends to start and end the month. 

My totals for Jan were below, for a total of $1625.53 in short gains (options + cap gains from option stocks) not a bad start considering the market, but have some ground to make up for sure if I want to make my goal for the year.
I added two pics at the end that I thought interesting.  Even though the market turned down in Jan, with the dividends and option premiums I received, I was able to "soften" the blow vs the normal market, just another added benefit of using this strategy.



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