Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Options Total

October turned out to be a roller coaster month and I didn't get as much income as I was hoping to secure.  Got a few strike prices below on some of my positions early in the month when the markets dipped (low premiums for the strike prices I needed to be at to prevent a capital loss if sold), only to finish strong with some nice call and put premiums as the markets closed out Oct on a run.  My total for Oct was $1335.00 in option income.

The $1335.00 in Oct brings my 2013 options total income from all accounts to $27,943.00 (est) for the year so far.

I will be able to add more capital to my dividend holdings in the next week or so (which in turn will be more margin for option stocks), as well as getting some dividend payouts on stocks thats I'm using solely for options (VZ and T), so I'm expecting Novembers total return to be much higher.  Should be my most lucrative month since starting this strategy and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

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