Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 2013 Options

November was quite a busy month, with 5 Fridays in the month it meant an extra week of weekly option trading, even if Thanksgiving week was included in there.

For Nov, I was able to generate $2972.58 in total option income, which I'm very pleased with.  Was hoping to break the $3K mark, but that is a number that I'm sure will be hit in the future.  Overall the options, along with some of the short term capital gain I saw from the options (Citigroup -C, in particular), it turned out to be a very profitable month.  As indicated by purple, I kept ALL option earnings in the accounts for the month. (Didn't take any as profit to use)

Including my Nov options income, my yearly total from options (short term) so far is: $32,667.00.  The options, along with the short term capital gains from the stocks made Nov a $4724.00 total profit month.

Here's hoping that December will be just as successful, until then Happy Holidays!

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